The Panda Universe  

AiPanda aims to connect all isolated blockchains games with the help of AI, and establish the Panda Universe which will cut across all networks and merge several AI multiverses, and also providing all necessary underlying support for the DeFi ecosystem. Lets every digital asset holder experience the power of AI games in crypto.

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We are community-driven organization that is established to provide both entertainment and reward. We aim to empower our users with a comprehensive AI gaming solution by providing them a universe that cuts across many networks and across the AI Multiverse.

Empowering Players

Enhancing the gaming experience and empowering players by rewarding their active engagement, staking of AiPanda tokens, and participation in governance votes.

Community Ownership

Promoting decentralized ownership and governance, allowing AiPanda token holders to shape the Panda Universe through transparent voting mechanisms and community-led initiatives.

AI-Driven Innovation

Leveraging AI technology to transform a meme token into a powerful gaming token, offering personalized gameplay experiences, intelligent NPCs, dynamic content generation, and data-driven insights within the Panda Universe.


Join us in revolutionizing the PANDA Universe with our innovative platform and community-driven approach.

Be a citizen of the PANDA UNIVERSE

The Panda Universe provides an AI-driven approach to reward and entertain both new and experienced users. It employs advanced AI technology for creating a condusive and entertaining universe which will make the Panda universe a virtual home in reality. Key aspects include the AI-powered virtual governance, rewards for all citizens, and $AiPanda tokens for purchasing power.

Each game will offer unique opportunities for players to earn AiPanda tokens based on their performance, achievements, and progression. By showcasing their skills, completing challenging quests, or reaching specific milestones, players can unlock in-game rewards that include AiPanda tokens.

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$AiPanda- “The future of AI Games”

The future of AiPanda is a vibrant Panda Universe, rewarding players for active engagement and offering diverse gaming experiences.

AiPanda aims to establish decentralized ownership and governance, empowering the community to shape the Panda Universe's evolution.

Through AI integration, AiPanda unlocks innovative gaming experiences, personalized gameplay, and dynamic content generation within the Panda Universe.

How To Buy $AiPanda

The $AiPanda token presale is your chance to be a part of a revolutionary project that promises to shake up the Gaming, AI and Crypto Space. By purchasing $AiPanda during the presale, you'll be taking a first step toward becoming a citizen of the Panda Universe.


If you have ETH in your wallet, select the relevant tab in the buy widget and enter how much ETH you wish to swap for $AiPanda. Take note of the gas cost, then confirm the transaction.


If you have USDT in your wallet, select the relevant tab in the buy widget and enter how much USDT you wish to swap for $AiPanda. Approve USDT, take note of the gas cost, and confirm the transaction.

Buy with BNB

If you have BNB in your wallet, select the relevant tab in the buy widget and enter how much BNB you wish to swap for $AiPanda. Take note of the gas cost, then confirm the transaction.

$AiPanda 1 billion Token Airdrop

Like free tokens? GlobiA supporters who help us reach our presale target will be given a huge $GlobiA airdrop! The reward will be based on your cumulative referral amount. To participate, follow these simple steps:


Purchase $AiPanda In Presale

Join the Panda Community and buy $AiPanda via the presale widget.


Share Your Referral Code

Once your purchase is complete, Refresh the page, copy your unique referral code and share it.


Earn $AiPanda Airdrop

You’ll earn a share of 1bn $AiPanda based on your referral link’s total amount raised.

GlobiA Tokenomics

TOTAL TOKENS5,000,000,0005 billion
public sales3,000,000,00060%
Panda Universe500,000,00010%
Panda Dao250,000,0005%
Community Rewards250,000,0005%

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